Sometimes Diagnoses can be confusing

Sometimes Diagnoses can be confusing. Quite often, the unique presentation of Neurodevelopmental disorders is misunderstood, they can be misdiagnosed, and their behaviour misinterpreted. These mistakes lead to frustration, school failure, uneven academic development, social problems and stress within family relationships.

We bring to you over 20 years of clinical experience. We work with you to determine accurate diagnoses. We help you or your child by explaining just what the diagnoses mean in practical language, and help clarify which symptoms and behaviours may be related to the diagnoses and which behaviours are unrelated but learned over time or used as coping methods. Each case is individual and needs individual attention that we can provide.

Helping to clarify the diagnoses and teasing out which behaviours and symptoms are related to the diagnoses and which are not provides a strong working baseline for developing effective practical strategies and therapy plans specific to you or your child's needs.

We focus on improving the everyday quality of life, including helping to achieve academic and social potential and promoting positive and happy relationships with friends and family members.

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