Assessment & Therapy Fee Structure

  • Toronto Neurodevelopmental Centre Neuropsychologists, Psychologists and Psychological Associates are fully registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).  All clinicial assessments and Coaching/Therapy services are billed as ‘Psychological Services’ and are eligible for insurance reimbursement under most benefits plans.
  • Our clinical treatment services are provided with expertise and extensive training in neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropsychology, mental health with further licensing, training and qualifications across all age groups (child/adolescent/adult), and all therapists are closely supervised by Dr. Robyn Stephens, a fully Registered Neuropsychologist with specialization in neurodevelopmental disorders, who is also a registered Clinical Psychologist, for all age groups.  Our Supervised Therapists may hold other professional designations and/or are registered with other professional bodies or they are completing the final supervised clinical practicum or internship hours required for registration within their Professional College or Graduate Level program, however all patient intakes, assessments, treatment plans and continued therapy progress are conducted under the direction of Dr. Robyn Stephens.

    All receipts and documentation issued include the name and credentials of the therapist/clinician who is in direct communication with each client, as well as the name of their supervising Psychologist, or registered Psychological Associate. Toronto Neurodevelopmental Centre receipts include the following disclaimer:

    Psychological services are provided by a Toronto Neurodevelopmental Centre clinician and supervised by a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

  • Hourly Therapy Rates are based upon the level of therapist clinical training and academic credentials, years of clinical expertise, specialized training and licensing credentials, with a range from $245 to $485 p/hr.

All our Therapists have earned at minimum,  Master's Level clinical degrees, in addition to extensive graduate level clinical training and assessment/therapy experience, and are now completing final registration required clinical hours for their clinical doctorate program or for registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.  All clinical students, psychological associates and psychologists are under the direct supervision of Dr. Robyn Stephens, PhD. C.Psych. C.Psychol.

All clinical intake sessions conducted by Dr. Robyn Stephens, are 60-90 minutes in length, and may include co-consultation with a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology or a Registered Clinical Psychologist in training.  Dr. Stephens' rate for consultations and therapy is $485 per hour.   Hourly rates for Graduate Level PhD Students and Registered Psychologists, under Dr. Robyn Stephens supervision, are $245-$285 per hour.  Student rates may be available.

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Diagnostic, Clinical, and PsychoEducational Assessment Fees

Including Autism Spectrum Disorder (Level 1 ASD/Asperger), Tourette's Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities, Gifted Testing

Following a Consultation session discussing your unique questions, goals and requirements for you or your child's assessments, the specific tests to be administered, time required for the assessment, and overall costs will be quoted with a greater level of specificity and detail.

 School/Academic/Learning Disability/Placement Testing

  • Gifted Screening (includes select WISC-V/WAIS-IV Intellectual test components, Memory skills, Parent/teacher Questionnaires + Academic screening + Mood/emotional screening, Feedback and Report: $2150
  • PsychoEducational Assessment  (WISC-V/WAIS-IV Intellectual testing+Assess for Learning Disabilities/Giftedness, Academics, Executive Functioning, Memory skills and Behavior): $4500


Clinical/Diagnostic Assessments:







During the course of all our Assessments, clinical screening (not testing) for ADHD, ASD, OCD, Anxiety and Tourette's Syndrome may be included. Based on findings recommendations may be made for further testing, therapy, or outside referrals based on the unique findings from each assessment.

If more than one clinical diagnostic assessment (e.g. ASD + ADHD) is requested a packaged fee will be available to help reduce costs.

**Additional Neuropsychological of Clinical Assessment Components (such as more indepth functional testing, visual-perceptual, visual-motor integration, processing speed, high level executive functioning and targetted cognitive measures) which may be beneficial to achieve further clarity and understanding of any additional potential diagnoses and learning differences identified.  Additional testing/screening will be suggested if a clinical need is identified and you will be offered the option to add-on further tests or measures.

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Does my Health Insurance cover the fees?

Depending on your current Private health insurance provider or employee benefit plan, it is possible for Psychological or Neuropsychological assessment and therapy fees to be covered in full or in part. Please contact your insurance provider directly to verify how your plan compensates you for psychotherapy/psychological services.

We’d recommend asking these questions to your insurance provider to help determine your specific benefits:

  • Does our health insurance plan include mental health benefits?  Are all family members covered?
  • Does our Insurance plan limit how many therapy sessions per calendar year we can have? If so, what is the limit?
  • Do we need written approval from my primary care physician in order for therapy or assessment services to be covered?
  • Are the fees for a Psychoeducational, Neuropsychological (ADD/ADHD, ASD) or Clinical Psychology (Anxiety/Depression) covered under our insurance?


How am I reinbursed?

All Clients must remit payment to the Toronto Neurodevelopmental Centre directly for services rendered. Once payment and services have been received, we will provide you with a detailed insurance receipt to submit to your provider for personal reimbursement. Toronto Neurodevelopmental Centre does not submit insurance receipts to providers on behalf of our clients.

Other important notes to consider about insurance receipts:

  • An individual’s name can only be included on the receipt if he/she attended the appointment.
  • The receipt must include the actual date of the appointment, and cannot be changed to reflect any reimbursement deadlines.
  • Once a receipt has been submitted to your insurance provider, the names listed on the receipt cannot be changed so please verify all information in advance.
  • Insurance receipts cannot be provided in advance of services being rendered.
  • Psychological services can only be provided in the province of Ontario.


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Cancellation Policy


We accept cash, debit cards, cheques, Interac e-transfers and all major credit cards as forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged for the full rate of the session.

Any Other Questions

Please contact us for any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Online Client Forms

Forms will be available to be completed during the first scheduled session or will be emailed and sent out to you directly.