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As a boutique Neuropsychology Clinic we pride ourselves on achieving clarity and understanding for often complex neurodevelopmental diagnoses of childhood, as well as providing support to adults who have traits reaching across the lifespan. Our collective clinical strengths include Dr. Stephens' 20+ years of conducting research and neuropsychological assessments in addition to providing clinical diagnoses and treatment programs for diverse neurodevelopmental populations, together with the benefit of a dedicated clinical team offering a wide range of experience and extensive training working effectively and supportively with parents, children, adolescents and young adults faced with complex challenges and mental health concerns. 

We will help you discover answers to your questions, work together with you and your child to develop practical strategies to address immediate concerns,  set realistic goals and achieve successes through therapy, including careful individualized planning, flexible approaches, integration of school and family supports and skill building for reinforcement of strong social and family relationships.

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Rosalie Delille

  • Supervised Therapist

Dr Robyn Stephens

  • PhD. C.Psych. Clinical Neuropsychologist/Director

Ariel Ho

  • M.A., OACCPP, RRP., Therapist/Counselor
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Julie Glenn

  • M.A., C.Psych. Assoc., Therapist/Counselor
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Erlene Webster

  • Office Manager

We offer you the highest level of care and understanding

Our Toronto-based team was selected by Dr. Robyn Stephens, PhD. C.Psych, a College of Psychologists of Ontario Registered Clinical Neuropsychologist licensed for children, adolescents, adults and family services.  Dr. Stephens offers extensive experience at the Neuropsychological level of understanding and clinical expertise providing accurate diagnosis, assessments and treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders which are often complex in nature, including: Tourette's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Gifted and Learning Disability cognitive profiles. 

Dr. Stephens clinically supervises a highly trained professional team which a CPO Registered Psychological Associate and Master level Clinical Therapists who collectively develop therapeutic frameworks and working plans for you or your child to help gain a better understanding of the diagnoses, and most importantly, to learn strategies and gain the support needed to achieve optimal successes at home, school, in social and family relationships, and in the workplace.

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Behind every child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed in them first

~Mathew Jacobson~

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